When the circus comes to town.

Circus - 10-12

Ponti comes through the teleportation circle he made to speak to the group. Since the last time he saw Aurzel and Nova he threatened to kill them they are understandably very leery. But, Ponti is a wizard of his word. He told Seik and Vague he would prepare a few rituals to help them and he has. But more than that he’s come up with an idea, and that idea is for a completely new artifact. An artifact that would expose the liches for what the are to the people. All he needs to prepare the spell and make the artifact is a few rare components, namely the eyes from a beholder. If they hurry they should have time to obtain one before the first battle is joined.
They do hurry, and set off traps with their faces, kill monster after monster in an infested old mining citadel and find a necromancer hard at work in his lab. (Is there no end to them in Solstic?). Eventually they find the beholder Ponti said was there and killing it they take it back to Ponti who is not only not grateful, but seems to regard it as a matter of them being grateful to him for his ability to make this artifact. But, they have more important things to do before the coming battle to take to much offense at a wizards ego.

When the circus comes to town is currently on hold until Seik Aztori returns."



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