When the circus comes to town.


We decided to just play a precursor adventure using Nova and Seik’s backstories, due to player attendance prob’s. So, Seik and Aurzel played Jack & Seik, a couple of 13 y/o boys who’d been raised in a circus and who worked together to relieve patrons of their purses. They had a very successful evening and decided to spend their ill gotten games in a tavern where looking around to add to their wealth they decided to relieve a drunk and unconscious patron of his purse and by dint of bluff and perserverance managed to get him out the tavern. (It took a lot of perserverance because the mark was huge.) A bit of a stumble and they were out the door where they “directed” the gent into an alley and attacked him. And suddenly the situation changed. The drunk was cold sober and lightening fast and in a moment hey were caught fast, but instead of being beaten, or killed, or turned over to the guard he offered them a chance to earn far more money in a B&E for some papers he was after, and training and more money if they did very well. The boys took the chance & took the job. Breaking into the house they looked through the master’s bedroom and didn’t find what they were after. They went upstairs and found a locked door. But, it was an easy lock and the boys went through and found room after room of locked doors. But the doors were locked from the outside, and when they opened them they found a brothel. Nova was one of the girls behind a door. Seik spoke to her, and said he would leave the door unlocked. Nova escaped and the boys kept looking but didn’t find anything, until they disturbed a few patrons engaged with the girls, and in the ensuing rukus and need for escape they went back. And found Nova taking a box from a secret drawer. With guards running up the stairs they escaped out the window, and were chased by the one guard smart enough to run out the front door rather than up the stairs. Running as fast as they could while being chased by a guard they were surprised to hear a thud behind them, and the guard stopped shouting. A quick glance showed a dagger in the guard and they kept running until they knew they were safe and out of sight. Seik gave Nova his shirt, and his “employer” stepped out of the shadows. Seik talked Nova into giving him the box, which did indeed contain the papers he wanted, and he offered Seik permanent employment, which Seik turned down and then Seik offered Nova a safe place to stay. The employer offered Nova the chance for revenge, which she accepted. Before he left with Nova he offered Seik Seik employment again saying, “You have no idea the things I can do, and the things I can teach you, or the power I have which could be weilded on your behalf.” Seik asked, “Well, how would I ever get a hold of you, I don’t even know your name?” The man gave him a tiny pewter serpent charm and said, "When your need me, say “shadow serpent”, and someone will contact you." and he and Nova left.


This was really fun as I got to play with the story and building on the character of my luck forlorn spy. I really enjoyed having to think like a naughty teenager again especially his bawdy obsession with the ladies and his ultimate reaction when finally faced with naked young women who were expecting what he wanted. However when faced with this opportunity on a plate he had NO CLUE as what to do with it instead he thought more of releasing the angry young lady (Nova) than taking advantage (but still asked for a date mid escape :p)


Also yes I may be the only member that reads through OP but I love to relive some of the great moments in our adventures thank you for the write ups Smiles :)


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