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Seiking Faith

Circus 03/05/2011

Using guild sigils and secret markers Seik was able to make Aurzel and Nova aware of his presence in the Shadowfell, locating him with ease they updated him on their new turned status Nova a fledgling Vampire Aurzel still not fully aware of his transformation from Deva to Rakshasa. They explained to Seik that they had been brought here to aquire ‘The Well of Tears’ at all costs from the temple of the Raven Queen. The Well was the only way to truly destroy a phylactery, but undead were not able to touch it.

After some discussion they knew someone had to get inside the temple and with both of them being tainted by vampire blood, they knew the clergymen would strike them down as abominations. Seik still stressed and disturbed by the news handed him, realised he was the only one among them to accomplish this task, so while Nova and Aurzel went to see if they could gather some fresh information from the locals, Seik would approach the Temple.

Preparing himself for the performance of his life Seik dishevelled himself, made sore his eyes, shortened his breath and staggered into the temple muttering loudly that he needed help. An acolyte approached him and asked him his troubles and he had explained that his friends had been taken and changed by vampires led by a lich and he needed the support of the Raven Queen. He was a broken man with nothing left and needing faith to support him. He was offered an interview with a temple priest in the morning and a bed in which to sleep, from the chambers window he signaled an all okay to his team who went about the city for information.

Nova and Aurzel spent some time wandering the streets exploring looking for some clue that would link the vampire clan that had turned them to this city, and they found it on the way to a tavern, a clan marking hidden from normal sight but visible to vampires outside a partially ruined building. Following their instincts they realized that the ruin was a visage applied magically and which they passed through easily into an underground chamber. Nova and Aurzel weren’t sure what dangers awaited them in the crypt, but they did know that if they were to succeed in their original mission to assassinate the king, they needed every advantage and information they could possibly obtain. Nova might want revenge with a deep cold abiding fervor, but an enemy who’s a lich is a far more formidable foe than an enemy who’s a king, and she’d deal with Orcus himself to achieve her desires if that’s what it took.

Morning came and Seik well rested and self prepared went to meet his interviewer a young priestess but one that ranked highly at the temple Meria. They spoke at length but she could see through part of Seik’s deceptions and knew that he did not want to become an acolyte. She thought instead his focus was for the revenge of his compatriots, Seik wound the the truth tightly and admitted that their mission had been to assassinate the royalty which they had discovered to be liches. Meria challenged the nobility of his task and Seik rebutted with a tale of his life and that not all things are perfect or as we would choose them. He then spoke of her life in the temple, and that however ignoble the path we travel, all end at the same place and that once we die then we will be judged for our lives. This gave Meria pause for thought and she agreed to the truth of his words. She then offered the temples assistance. Should Seik be able to bring her the phylacteries she would then destroy them in ‘The Well of Tears’. She Offered Seik a Black Feather and a Ring ‘The Feather will be a great help to you and when you find the Phylacteries turn the stone on the ring three times counter clockwise and speak my name, you will be able to send me a message and I shall send you a priest to return you and the phylacteries here.’ Seik thanked Meria for her assistance and left to find the others, and a method back to his home plane. He could be sure if he went back with Aurzel and Nova he would be found by the vampires and turned into one of them the same as the rest of his teammates had, a fate he was unloath to succumb to. He decided instead to find a portal to Vonn, the town Ponti was in and ask him for his assistance in getting back to Anderra, the city of the grand duke. It looked like open warfare was coming and no matter what, Seik was determined to see Solstic fall! If he could engineer that downfall by having it tear itself apart so much the better.


This is just a rough write up just while it was fresh in mind will have to polish it later

Seiking Faith

Seik, what a great recap—it makes me feel like I was almost there! …oh, wait, um, I WAS there… well, you know what I mean, my bardic boy-o, doncha?

Keep up the good work. Think you for.making the effort.


Seiking Faith

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