When the circus comes to town.

Circus - 6

Grand Duke Daslen is dead and the vampires have staged a coup. Now the race is on as the king rushes with the grand duchess and an army to re-take the territory and in a matter of days the grand Duke will join them.

The party returned to th Inn to talk to Tak-Tak and he them. “We’ve suspected that the uppermost echelons of power in Vonn had been infiltrated by a powerful necromancer. But this is much worse than we ever could have imagined.” “You’re absolutely certain that the Grand Duke is a lich?” Aurzel replied, “Yes, absolutely certain.” Tak-Tak said, “Well at least the Grand Duchess Alyssa is dead. By all accounts her power combined with her husbands made them far to formidable a target. I’ve been working on acquiring the necessary items to give us the edge we needed to kill them once we’re finally in a position to, but now that she’s dead all we need to worry about is finding his phylactery and destroying it.” To which piece of comfort the party replied, “She’s a lich too” Tak-Tak was visibly dismayed to learn that and he said, “By the gods we’re in a lot more trouble than I thought.” She’s been gone for how long now?" “So we’re out of time, she’ll reappear any time now, if she hasn’t already.”
The vampire mistress Laureen appeared with part of her clan and said, “You’ve allied yourselves with us. It’s time to consummate that relationship. You will join us in the blood bond.” Tak-Tak said, “No we will not be slaves to you. And you have every reason to want us able to act independently in order to destroy the phylacteries.” Laureen said, “We have no reason to trust you, you almost destroyed our plans when you killed Damian. The only reason I haven’t had you killed already and am willing to make you a part of the blood bond is because you helped us kill Daslan and have shown yourselves to be formidable foes. I could use your skills, but I will be certain of your allegiance. You will be part of the blood bond.” A fight ensued whose outcome was a foregone conclusion as Tak-Tak was dominated by the vampire and then hit and held by Nova who’d decided that a vampire allegiance was in her best interest. Aurzel, spent and unable to use his most potent attacks, decided that a vampire alliance made more sense than simply dying at the hands of the vampires, got in line to be turned into a vampire, but unfortunately for a Deva, his choice would not be so simple. The party quickly died, only to be reborn as undead.
When the party returned into unlife they were inside the crypt where they first met the vampires. An argument between Beovan, one of the vampire clan now played by Exarkin, and Laureen, the vampire mistress ensued. Laureen wanted to prepare for open warfare and once the lich’s were dead use the time before their reappearance to find the phylacteries and destroy them by throwing them into a volcano. Beovan pointed out that throwing them into a volcano wouldn’t destroy the phylacteries, it would only kill the lich’s each time they reappeared, the possibility of escape would always be present. To destroy the phylacteries you needed a “Well of Tears” “I don’t know what the phylactery could be, but I do know how we can destroy it once we find it.” “A phylactery is always made with a Well of Tears. It’s part of the enchantment ritual. One hundred children are gathered and tortured for a minimum of 10 days, the longer they can keep the children alive and in torment the more powerful the spell and the phylactery. The essence of their pain, the sounds of their screams, as well as the tears that they shed are gathered moment by moment by the necromancer who is undergoing the transformation into a lich. The ritual creates the well, the well creates the phylactery and the necromancer is slain to be reborn as a lich. Why that’s important is because while a phylactery may be anything, the well is only one thing. A small brazier, seemingly made of obsidian, carved with the faces of a hundred screaming children and filled with a clear liquid through which a twist of red blood swirls constantly, but never mixes. The Well of Tears can destroy a phylactery and I know where one is.” “In the temple of the Raven Queen in the Shadowfell. The priests there guard it closely, but if the cause is worthy and the hearts of the supplicants are true, they will bring it in the time of need to destoy a lich once and for all.” Laureen pointed out that he was contemplating the impossible. He couldn’t go into the temple, none of them could, and none of them could go near the “Well of Tears” it would not tolerate their presence. Beovan outlined a plan to find an innocent and use them as a dupe to obtain the Well. Laureen, with some misgivings agreed to the plan.
The party left the crypt to go to a teleportation circle Beovan knew of to the Shadowfell. When they arrived they started making their way to the temple only to stopped by a gang of Shadar-Kai interested in Nova. Bin Kalon during the ensueing talk decided to manifest his vampiric form and a fight began that saw Beovan’s sword taken from him and Bin lying dead. Aurzel, who’d been using his attacks to good effect against the Shadar-Kai. killing several used several cantrips to make the Shadar-Kai weapons master drop the sword. Aurzel continued to use unorthodox tactics and attacks and acting in concert with Beovan and Nova victory soon followed. Bin arose and helped the party, after all, for a revenant, death is only the beginning.



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