When the circus comes to town.

Circus - 3

Our heroes began this episode in the temple of Sain Momet, the necromancer whose atrocities gave the Lover’s Tryst it’s nickname. They had successfully guessed the password that opened the secret entrance to Sain’s private chamber and faced a fight with Sain’s “brides”, the young women that he had lured, tortured, killed and then raised into undeath. Smart tactics on the part of Val had the party winning the encounter handily as he marked and manuevered the enemy in their own territory, taking the advantage time after time, after all, heroes make their own luck. They had won only to face Sain himself in the next room. Entering the room they narrowly escaped damage from a necrotic trap that was set at the door. Quick thinking by Nova, a prescient bard, successfully bluffed Sain into delaying his actions until the party could get into a far more advantageous positions to attack. From there it was a foregone conclusion as the group made short work of Sain and he was destroyed, at least for the day. But a day was more time than they needed to search his quarters and find the codex even though it was hidden by an illusion and further protected by an invisibility spell. They returned to Ponti, the wizard who though dead, was the only wizard ever able to place a portal without ever having seen or been to the site of it’s placement. Ponti was able to dispel the invisibility spell surrounding the codex and sent our heroes off to obtain the ingredients he needed to make the portal. When they returned he was fully alive and in the flesh and gleefully promised the party that he would stay in town for a week to place the portal while they scouted around for the site that they wanted the portal to be placed and obtained a piece of it for him to focus the ritual upon. Our heroes had learned of two secret entrances to the palace through Louis’s involvement with Hestia, the girlfriend of the captain of the guard, and decided that the masoleum would be ideal for the portal’s placement. They had no sooner snuck into the masoleum than they heard someone coming. They reluctantly hid behind several crypts and then watched in amazement as Ducal Prince Damian entered the masoleum and used a portal that was already in the room to leave the palace in secret. Aurzel, a powerful magician in his own right, memorized the words of power the prince used even as he spoke them and enabled the party to quickly follow the prince to his secret rendevous. To the parties shock and chagrin they found themselves in a vampire infested crypt! Fast as lightening Aurzel turned to prince Damian and said, “We are here, right on time as you instructed my prince.” (While he was thinking, “Oh dear gods we’re all dead!”) But, his words forced the prince to choose between displaying weakness and stupidity in front of the Vampire Lord, or going through with the bluff on the chance that he could turn the situation to his advantage later. The prince chose to go through with the bluff and introduced them to the Vampire Lord as converts wishing to walk the path of the believers. All was going well until one of the party, Barabus, foolishly chose to challenge the Vampire Lord asking him, “How do I know if your worthy of my blade and my honor.” The Vampire Lord took his hand to read his intentions, and Nova used her psychic abilities to overlay her own dark past upon Barabus’s in the hopes of confusing the reading. Success, almost dashed by Barabus’s very foolish pressing of the Vampire Lord, was still narrowly achieved, and the prince was instructed to bring the potential recruits back the next day for testing. They returned to the palace through the portal where the prince angrily questioned the party only to be questioned in turn by them. The prince, eladrin by birth, decided to escape using fey step and call for guards to kill the spies, but through Aurzel’s and Nova’s powers was stopped and brought back where Val and Barabus knocked him unconscious so that they could keep him for questioning. Making sure that they left the masoleum in the same condition it had been in before the fight they spirited the prince away through the secret passageway.

Circus - 2

Tak-Tak has tasked them with putting a portal inside the palace. But, in order to do that they need to work with a fellow by the name of Ponti Garchment. Ponti was used by Tak-Tak predecessor Althanea. She told him once that Ponti was the only mage she’d ever heard of that could place a portal site unseen, and Tak-Tak never forgets anything. Only problem is Ponti’s been dead for quite some time. To use him they’ll need a Speaker for the Dead, a reliable Speaker, since most are con artists and grifters. But a reliable Speaker is an expensive find. Fortunately Seik’s been a traveling performer all his life, he knows of a real Speaker, reliable for the right price. Through the Speaker they’re able to talk to Ponti. But Ponti was an irrascible coot in life and death hasn’t changed him. If they want the portal they’ll need to meet his price, the Codex of Runic Nomenclatures. The Codex was hidden by the wizardess who killed Ponti, and all he has is a clue to it’s whereabouts. A clue forced out of her while she was dying, “Waxing full it can be seen to aid a tryst, O lovers dream”. It’s not much to go on, but our intrepid heroes stumble upon a cleric who knows of a Lover’s Tryst. A place of horror and undeath the locals call it the Lover’s Tryst because it’s the kiss of death. After traveling to the town of Harvestri near the Tryst our heroes are able to obtain some rough directions and so armed they start their search. They’re able to finally uncover the burned remain of a home, and not to far distant another clue, “Little shrieker wants you dead, little shrieker what’s that you said.” Jeez, nothing’s ever easy is it, and it gets a lot harder when they’re attacked by skeletons because in their search they forgot the approach of nightfall. But, that may have been a lucky break because during the battle the stairs to the underground temple open. They go down into the temple where they’re met by a ghost who upon finding out that they are after the Codex tells them that she hid it here, where no one will ever find it, and that somethings are not meant to be seen. A battle with more skeletons finds our heroes in fine fighting form and they win, if not easily, and the search begins. Good perception checks mean that they notice the words, “death, comes, all, end” scribed in many places throughout the temple and Nova, the prescient bard, cuts herself, and offers those words in benediction over the alter. Four fonts of power are revealed, and the large statue to Vecna at the far end of the room slides aside.

Circus -1


You and your troupe have been entertaining crowds for years. Traveling from town to town you’re rightly known for the wonderful singing, magic acts, tumbling and amazing daring of your performers. Every town you come to is excited and welcoming, and now you’ve been invited to perform for the Grand Duke himself!

It’s your most important “Performance” to date, something your group has been working toward for years. If they can become the favored performers for the Grand Duke they will be in a perfect position to assassinate the royal family.

Episode 1

The story began with the Characters in their room at the tavern. Tak-Tak (the groups handler) appeared and let them know that one of their fellow guild members Louis, a former guardsman now a guild spy, had been caught and arrested.

They needed to get him out, and find out if he had divulged any information, but not at the expense of their primary mission, “gaining access” to the Grand Duke.

The party scouted the area around the prison by pretending to spread the word about their show. Then, in order to get into the prison Nova pretended to be Loius’s girlfriend. Nova, a prescient bard, was able to communicate telepathically with Louis and find out about some of the prison’s defenses. Based on that Intel, the party bought the ingredients they needed to make a bomb that would put the guards and the monsters to sleep. Through the afternoon the team used their skills and contacts to gather and construct the device.

That evening it was Time to Perform! They arrived at the palace of the Grand Duke, Seik Aztori a Painted Clown and Master of Ceremonies began their introductions. They put on an outstanding performance with any fumbles easily covered up by their clowning MC. The Duke and Duchess were supremely entertained by Novas Dance of the Veils magically enhanced by Aurzel’s skill with cantrips, followed by an astounding Strongman act and a Blazing Sword Dance. The act was concluded with a show of Magical Prestidigitation by Aurzel, they had gained access to the palace and were invited to return for a Command Performance when the King arrived.

But all was not well, Nova was recognized. Quick thinking on the part of Aurzel he began a subtle disguise upon Nova and with quick telepathic communication their combined efforts were successful. The man who recognized her, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, came closer and believed he had made a mistake. Nova pretended to give him a reading as a gypsy fortune teller while she threw him off the scent.

That Night came the prison break! Even with the sleeper bombs they still faced a challenge as they had to get Louis out before the rest of the barracks became aware of their efforts. They were unable to neutralize the guard posted to the outer door without him letting out a warning cry. The party moved fast using their Intel. they placed their device sending many of the defenders into a drugged sleep. However following the path marked out for them to avoid the traps laid out before them they were faced with an unknown defender a Wraith! They were faced with a dilemma if they did not hurry their own sleeping gas would begin to affect them and this undead fiend was hungry. The battle was hard fought and they were in trouble but in desperation Seik focused his power and commanded the Wraith into a trap laid for escapees that locked the Wraith away in one of the magically sealed cells. In a moment of celebration and relief Seik forgot about the safe path and fell into one of those traps he had just set his opponent into, However in a moment of unlikely flourish he was able to escape his cell with a TADA!

They had prevailed, but none to soon as in the distance reinforcements were arriving. They slipped away into the night with their prize.

They were worried had they been seen, even recognized as the performing troupe from the Grand Dukes hall earlier?
What Intel. does Louis have for them?
What will Tak-Tak assign them next as he moves them on this board like a master chess player uses all his pieces?
For now they were tired and the beds welcoming.

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