When the circus comes to town.

Circus - 8

Deciding that it was worth the time it would take to search the castle Nova and Aurzel went to try and find the phylacteries or barring that, to try and find enough clues to the Grand Duke and Duchess to determine what types of things would have been important enough to them that they would create a phylactery from it. They did find two more secret passages than they had previously known about from the Grand Duke & Duchess’s chambers. But, their bedrooms were the picture of elegance and country life, obviously the Grand Duke & Duchess were hiding their true natures from their staff as well as their people. They did find a huge tapestry in the library of Nwankirei Greyhaven & Haddiza Amaas, the two warlords whose marriage and political machinations had first established the kingdom of Solstic. Aurzel was able to tell Nova a bit of the history of the two kingdoms which 600 yrs ago had been one, much smaller kingdom.

Seik spent the day scouting the city to see what state it was in and how to turn it to their advantage in the war to come. He decided that he needed to establish some level of trust in him before he tried revealing the truth of the Grand Duke and Duchess, but he also wanted to try and establish a safe haven for people against the vampires. To that end he found and fed a street urchin and got him to show him a safe house. Bargaining food as part of his payment for a bed in an established safe haven Seik put his plan into motion.


I assume I lost another session for not checking well enough, this time the date instead of the hour…. :(
My message to you, Smiles, was about monday, tomorrow. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that there’s a place in the “core world” where all of this might be happening! It’s the continent to the East of Nerath, it’s called Selduria and harbors the seven kingdoms of Karkoth. They’re even famous for necromancy! Here’s an article about them by Baker http://wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/dra/201105nerath … I think it could be a good opportunity to contextualize the campaign, after all Solstic and Amaas could just replace two of those seven neighboring kingdoms… Maybe the two that you like the least from the article! :)

Circus - 8

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