When the circus comes to town.

Circus - 7

Nova and Aurzel descend into the ruin of a building following Nova’a recognition of a sigil that she’d seen outside of the crypt she was born into. They are greeted by the guard Vagal who challenges them. Nova answers the challenge but is far to vague in her desription to satisfy him. Vagal demands to taste Nova who walks to him and presents her wrist, Vagal tastes her and satisfied that she is at least a member of the clan offers her his wrist in return and Nova gets her first taste of her new clan. Blood calls to blood and for a moment Nova forgets everything else in this exquisite experience. Vagal passes them on into the dining hall where they meet Doria, the head of this enclave, who upon seeing the Amulet of Mist on Nova demands to know where she got it. Nova tries to be vague, but Doria only grows angrier and demands further information. Presses, Nova divulges Damian’s death, but not her role in the killing and that the city is in an uproar as the coup has begun. Momentarily distracted by the coup Doria states that Laureen has overreached herself, and is angrier at the lack of information from Laureen regarding the coup’s initiation. Nova passes herself off as the messenger but is little able to calm Doria and is unable to obtain any usable intel regarding the vampires numbers or strengths. Still, as clan members the do obtain a safe place to sleep for the night.
In the meantime Seik’s decided against going back by following Nova and Aurzel, there were far to many risks the first time, doubling his chances of being caught by following them again isn’t the smart thing to do. He decides instead to try and cross close to Vonn, Ponti’s town, and try and obtain Ponti’s assistance in making another portal to get them in and out of Larnaka quickly. Larnaka is bound to become a powder keg and a quick way in and out will be necessary if they are to make use of the explosion. To that end Seik makes contact with a member of the guild currently stationed in Lotherna, a changling whose lightening fast reflex and abilities to think on his feet have already earned him a very high reputation in the guild, as well as skyrocketing him up through the ranks. His specialty is intel. and Seik needs intel. to get back to his home plane and also feels that as an asset Ponti would make a valuable contact for this young man to know. The changling, whose name changes as often as his face, and is more often just called by his code name Vague does indeed know a way back and they cross without mishap, and find Ponti quickly. Ponti isn’t in a bad mood, at least for Ponti, and they get missed by most of the few gouts of fire he throws at them for their supposed bad manners. Seik, offers the only coin he can interest Ponti with, fame. And Ponti agrees to at least listen to the offer. Seik speaks as honestly and openly to Ponti as he dares of the Grand Duke and Duchess and in exchange finds out more of their ascension to power in a lethally efficient coup supported by then General Kaliphate, soon after King Kaliphate. In exchange Seik tells him that Dastlan & Alyssa are lichs and Ponti, at first shocked, starts thinking of what he knows of the spell to create a lich and realizes he knows about when this must have happened. Indeed, he lost a niece, a young girl who’d shown strong promise in the arcane during that time. Angered by the memory Ponti agrees not just to make them a portal to Larnaka, but to prepare a few very special gifts for Dastlan and Alyssa as well. With the promise of the gifts to come Seik and Vague return to Larnaka and leave guild markers as to where they’re hiding for Nova and Aurzel.
When Nova and Aurzel return to Larnaka they find the guild markers which tell them where Seik is hiding in wait for them and go to meet him. They discuss their options at length to decide what they need to do next to accomplish their primary mission, the death of the king and decide they need far more information on many different fronts, one of which is the vampires themselves. They return to the crypt and find Laureen waiting for them. She assigns them to gathering intel on the approaching army. They warn her about Daria and try to obtain more intel about the vampires strengths and plans in the coming battle but Laureen is very cagey and doesn’t give them more than vague assurances that she has planned for the battle and has enough troops. They leave her unsatisfied with the answers, but they still need to maintain their cover and they do need intel on the army and so they go to do her bidding. Vague, as a changeling easily infiltrates the army pretending to be one of the townsfolk fleeing from the vampires to the king. As part of the charade he pretends to want to join the army and one of the squads has him participate in a friendly combat to see what he’s made of. It’s a fight Vague easily wins and soon he’s laughing, drinking, and gathering intel on the army. They return to their crypt only to find it under attack by the townsfolk and the vampires waging a cruel war. They don’t want to harm the townsfolk, but can’t afford to take a chance at being seen to not aid the vampires and so they join the fight, but do so in a way to scare off the townsfolk rather than kill them. They’re successful in that aim and are able to maintain their cover.


One of Remjaz powers, Shadow Legion, is made to “lend” his high Stealth to everyone in the group… It could be the key to infiltrate some key place, don’t know if it could be relevant. It’s good because it makes it possible to do a stealthy mission altogether instead of having to split the party.
Also, Remjaz has a lot of poisons with out of combat usage: it would be quite easy to infiltrate the royal palace and poison the king in up to three different ways! :D (three poisons because at level 9 it’s three dailies)

Circus - 7

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