• Aurzel


    A deva wizard, Aurzel has strayed too far to turn back now.
  • Novashtiri_Iluun


    As a prescient bard, Novashtiri brings to bear considerable personal magnetism of a sort somewhere between Talented Soothsayer and Tempting Succubus. She tends to stoke libidinal flames with abandon when it suits her whim, or purposes.
  • Remjaz Dadtzllevulf

    Remjaz Dadtzllevulf

    Assassin, shadow-dancer and con-artist, a dark and handsome swashbuckler...
  • Seik Aztori

    Seik Aztori

    A Bawdy Bard with a Clownish Attitude that covers his Government Agent Identity
  • Vague


    Vague is a Changeling, who was on his (or her) own from a very young age. Dabbling in nearly all aspects of street life taught this Changeling how to survive in almost any situation that might occur. A Monk by trade, a jack of all trades by design.
  • Val Holystorm

    Val Holystorm

    A stormsoul genasi swordmage-paladin Val has the intelligence and deadly fighting ability to get the job done, no matter what that job is.
  • Ducal Prince Damian

    Ducal Prince Damian

    Son of the Grand Duke he's got a few secrets of his own.
  • Grand Duchess Alyssa

    Grand Duchess Alyssa

    Duchess Alyssa her beauty and grace makes her sought after as a hostess, but her keen mind is what makes her most valuable to her husband.
  • Grand Duke Dastan

    Grand Duke Dastan

    Grand Duke Dastan a shrewd power player his desires will never come before his ambitions.
  • Hestia


    Girlfriend to the captain of the guard, Hestia has inadvertantly supplied valuable intel to Louis, at least she did before he was jailed for his indiscretion with said fair maiden.
  • King Caliphate

    King Caliphate

    Born into a minor noble house the king rose through the ranks of knights using a combination of political savvy, treachery, murder and a brilliant combat tactician.
  • Lusaren-Captain of the Guard

    Lusaren-Captain of the Guard

    He rose through the ranks the hard way, he is brutally efficient and not above using his postion to accomplish his own goals.
  • Tak-Tak


    A a massive half-orc he is a top notch assassin with a brilliant mind hiding behind a brutish face. His ability to get in and out of a place virtually unoticed is nothing short of legendary among the Shadow Serpent Guild.
  • Vivian


    mistress to the Grand Duke